pinprick penis pouts stiff lower lip shining metallic i promise you i am clean i know we both just want to have a good time shorts are stripped down bunched up at the [sh]ankles smiling shining lips kiss like a headache salty vomit straight into sinew s i c k nesssst of razor blades on … More FHTRMT


north rally might liven noxious rocking morning lake nothing returning misty linger nighttime racing math links nrml rush monitor like nutjob rac ket meooouuuw liger not really made for living needs reistance movement losing next rifle murder lacking napalm rocket’s magic light nothing really matters lazy number rotting meat [lick] lights nothing [might liven nrml … More n.r.m.l.


yellowbelly pot roast piggie boy blue red walls bleeding walls black walls prison chamber pot boiling too hot stove top simmer burn splash skin ripping off flesh jail breathing bones living muscles twitching muscles spasm ache seizure death dying BREATHE JUST KEEP BREATHING DON’T STOP BREATHING dead lungs dead heart dying light hungry darkness closed … More ansiedad.

hi, i’m DEAD

inside a carcass waiting to happen: no amount of antidepressants can stop the virus from growing KNIVES NIHILISTIC TUMORS UNFEELING CANCER young, tired bones to the dogs, hungry AN EVOLUTIONARY DESIRE TO KILL each and every cell GASOLINE AND FIRE TO STOP THE TIRED moaning of the body resting where i am resting DIRTY COCK … More hi, i’m DEAD